AWS: Business Integration and Process Automation

AWS provides a set of flexible services that allows you to create and distribute products faster and more securely using AWS and DevOps practices.

The advantages are clear: they simplify the provisioning and management of infrastructure, the implementation of the code, the automation of processes and the monitoring of the application and infrastructure.

With a team with more than 15 years of experience and as Partners Select AWS in the areas of Development and Application Integration, Create IT can support your company to create complete and customized solutions.

Now, imagine if we still bring some intelligence to the platform.
What ideas can we extract to take advantage or deny?
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Some of our projects


Worten reinforces investment in the international market with a platform developed by Create IT

Based on the relationship and skills already demonstrated, the Create IT team was chosen by Worten to create a sales automation platform on international Marketplaces executed on Amazon Web Services.

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Worten Online launches cloud digital billing solution powered by Create IT

Based on its experience and skills, Create IT was chosen as a partner to implement a billing dematerialization solution at, based on Amazon Web Services.

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Our Offering


We are passionate about integrating enterprise applications! 

In recent years, we have provided EAI solutions to a wide range of sectors, from finance to healthcare, hospitality or retail.

But there is more! We not only integrate with Line of Business applications (SAP, Siebel, SQL Server and Oracle Databases), but we can also build your platform based on SaaS.

With the aid of intelligence, market predictions and consumer recommendations are only a small step forward. 

Integração Empresarial: EAI


B2B integration is an old concept. But it’s still a challenge to most businesses.

The keyword here is automation. Companies can achieve a competitive advantage by automating their key external processes, for instance, those involving customers and/or suppliers.

We have an extremely experienced integration team capable of dealing with all the specific industry (retail, health, finance) messaging standards (EDI, HL7, SWIFT) and also newer B2B applications.

Let's automate your business?


Modernização de Apps

 Our experienced and incredible team can help you modernize your enterprise solutions! Be it!

  • moving to the cloud or upgrading your external connections with integration services
  • creating event-driven solutions or a microservices architecture
  • deploying containerized apps or building a serverless environment

… we can help you!

By using modern engineering practices and technologies we can breathe new life into your legacy applications.

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Modernização de Apps


  • Proven experience in building and integrating e-commerce solutions for the Retail and Hospitality industries
  • Secure integration with the most relevant payment gateways
  • Custom e-commerce solutions creation to meet your specific business requirements
  • Intelligence integration in your e-commerce solution through machine learning and other Artificial Intelligence capabilities

 Our knowledge in both on-premises and cloud integration technologies is crucial to develop scalable and connected e-commerce platforms. We are the right team for the job! 


Scalable solutions

Our solutions are designed to be managed by a single instance or scaled up to thousands of them using AWS services.

These services help your company make the most of flexible computing resources by simplifying provisioning, configuration and scalability.

Soluções escaláveis

We take full advantage of the potential

of the main AWS products:

 App integration

Application Integration

Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)



Amazon CloudSearch, Amazon ElasticSearch Service, Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka



Amazon EC2, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, AWS Lambda



Amazon Elastic Container Registry, Amazon ELastic Container Service (ECS), AWS Fargate



Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon RDS


Management & Governance

Amazon CloudWatch


Network & Content Delivery

Amazon VPC, Elastic Load Balancing

security identity

Security Identity & Compliance

AWS Identity & Access Management



AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate, AWS DynamoDB

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