Create IT “explains” Azure Apps and Office Graph at Tech Refresh

The presentations from Microsoft Tech Refresh are already available. You can see now the vídeos about Azure App Service Architecture and OfficeGraph.

André Vala and João Pedro Martins represented Create IT at the largest Tech Refresh ever, which took place at Microsoft head office, in Parque das Nações, Lisbon. Tech Refresh is a one day event, dedicated to Developers, where all main Microsoft tech updates are debated.

João Pedro Martins, Chief Technical Officer at Create IT, spoke about the "New Azure App Service Architecture", one of the most recent and innovative upgrades of Microsoft cloud technology. André Vala, Sharepoint Solutions Architect, brought a presentation on Office Graph and how Delve can get the most out of this tool.


Azure App Service Architecture: a journey into the world of Apps

João Pedro Martins showcased the new Azure App Service Architecture and its unifying role of web, mobile and integration apps. According to Create IT CTO, this role drives Microsoft's PaaS an offer much stronger.

"The future of these APIs will include  the development of a public gallery with self-service publishing, the creation of private galleries, the monetization, the automatic deployment of dependencies and a better integration with API Management", noted João Pedro Martins about the future of that specific Azure architecture.

"Integration is a path of stones and this applies to APIs", he said. "Some cases can be solved with one or two contacts, but there are many others much more complex and that's the path of stones we have to make". Defending the idea that API Apps is simpler to evolve with the complexity of the problem, João Pedro Martins further revealed that "Azure App Service Architecture integrates with BizTalk Server, which can open the door to a joint offer in BizTalk's terms".

You can watch João Pedro Martins full presentation at Microsoft's Channel 9:  


Office Graph: when technology also learns

Office Graph is nothing but a representation of the relations between business objects, like people or documents, searching technologies and "machine learning". Those relations are used to build an information customized vision that is stored in company's tenant Office 365.

André Vala continues his presentation saying that "when we talk about Graph, we talk about several ties connected by edges. Ties are people, documents or e-mail messages and edges are the relations between people". "All kinds of actions send signs that can be kept and then processed in Office Graph", he added. "We are talking about a link, a PPT, a white paper or an e-mail, among many other examples", Vala said. "But Office Graph itself gets information out of the key directory, which allows to identify who is the user's chief and who reports to him or her. That's because it can deduce some facts, like who works directly with that user", André Vala explained. "Office Graph knows that, because compares the number of e-mail messages that people exchange and how fast they are replied", he added.

According to Create IT expert, the future of Office Graph will rely on "the possibility to add signs from Office 365´s external apps and a much user friendly interface". A new dashboard and support for 365 groups will also be at the forefront.

Don't miss André Vala full presentation on Microsoft's Channel 9: .

Create IT is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Microsoft Ambassador of the Year 2014 and the only company to win 3 European SharePoint Community Awards.