Create IT implements remote provisioning solution at Recomatics

Create IT implements remote provisioning solution at Recomatics
Create IT implements remote provisioning solution at Recomatics

Create IT was selected by Recomatics - a company based in Ghent, Belgium - to design the architecture and implement a remote provisioning solution (Vycunia Provisioning). The solution was designed to be integrated into the Recomatics’ Vycunia product.

The Vycunia Provisioning is a solution designed to support information architecture modelling in SharePoint. Its goal is to allow business users to do an interactive setup which can have several iterations, refinements, prototyping and staging of their information architecture models. Each Vycunia Customer can use this solution on its SharePoint environment in order to extract previously modelled information architectures from SharePoint sites, work on those models and provision them to the same or another SharePoint site.

This is a SaaS solution that uses the so called "remote provisioning" technique in order to provision artefacts that compose an information architecture. An information architecture is typically composed of artefacts, such as Site Columns, Content Types, List Definitions and Instances, Composed Looks or Pages. Business users can design these artefacts, even simply by using a browser and when they are done with the design, they can export what they have done into a persistent provisioning model, and apply that model into target sites.

The Vycunia Provisioning solution supports the following functionalities:

  • Model extraction from SharePoint tenants;
  • Model versioning;
  • Staging (e.g., design, user acceptance, production);
  • Model and Model Contents repositories;
  • Download/upload of Models;
  • Provisioning of all artefacts that compose a Model, including contents that may exist associated to each Model;
  • Monitoring of system health.

The interaction with the Vycunia Provisioning solution is made through 5 major user interfaces:

  • Configuration: allows users to configure the Vycunia Provisioning system, by specifying the available SharePoint Tenants, Site Collection URL's, Staging environments and location of models and contents repositories;
  • SharePoint Explorer: allows users to navigate the various sites configured and, for each site, view all its information architecture, in order to extract artefacts that make up a model;
  • Repository Explorer: contains features that are implemented in the context of model repository, allowing to edit / remove models and / or previously stored artefacts;
  • Provisioning: interface designed for information architecture models provisioning stored in the repository for any previously configured SharePoint site;
  • Monitoring: provides dashboards and historic and real-time information about the system health.

This project involved the participation of 5 elements of Create IT and represents the company's commitment in the international market as well as the confidence that its Microsoft skills deserve anywhere in the world.