ERSAR launches new website powered by Create IT

ERSAR launches new website powered by Create IT
ERSAR launches new website powered by Create IT

The new website of the Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR) allows to compare services and tariffs practiced by the various entities. The main objective is to create a greater interactivity and a closer relationship with consumers.

Lisbon, February 9, 2017 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform and business support systems, has just announced the launch of the new institutional website of the Water and Waste Services Regulatory Authority (ERSAR). As part of a renewal and proximity strategy, the new ERSAR website provides information to consumers and management entities, allowing to compare the services and rates practiced by the management entities.

In terms of usability, the website features a modern design and intuitive navigation, making access to information faster and easier, and more effective search engines and information services. The new ERSAR website is multilingual and designed from the scratch to be responsive and optimized for multiple devices.

Developed on Microsoft technology, the website is based on the SharePoint platform, being all content management in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) model, allowing an autonomous and very simple management by ERSAR.

"In the context of our strategy of consumer proximity (the end user of the regulated services), we were faced with the need to create a new website that would allow this strategy, making it accessible and available on any platform, with particular emphasis on mobile devices", says Luis Engrossa, IT Director at ERSAR. "Create IT was selected to develop the new website, a project that presented us with several technological challenges, resulting in a rewarding and enriching experience, since it involved a team of professionals focused on the success of the project, always acting with high professionalism and technical expertise on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, chosen for that purpose."

Following the diversity of information that ERSAR provides, Create IT has worked in the integration with webservices of services that communicate with ERSAR internal systems to allow the research of reports and other documentation, as well as the information about the managing entities, complaint management in chart and table format, tariff search, services quality, water quality and the respective information on the laboratories that control the quality of water for human consumption.

Other important features include the glossary, the agenda, the interactive map of Portugal (to discover the quality of the water for human consumption of each municipality of Portugal), as well as several dynamic infographics, which aim to position the website as an interactive service, bringing the entity closer to consumers.

The website was developed in close collaboration with the ERSAR team, enabling Create IT to learn the reality and the communication strategy of this sector regulator. According to Luis Engrossa, "The project also had the involvement of top management, both from ERSAR and Create IT, which brought to the whole development process of the website a very useful dynamic, regarding the quantity and quality of challenges that have been put into the development of the website. Throughout the project, there was a considerable and permanent alignment effort, with all aspects of development being addressed."

"The final result is the one we wanted, and ERSAR now has a modern and flexible website, capable of serving as a basis for future projects in order to follow our strategy of being closer to the consumer", says Paulo Marcelo, Administrator of ERSAR.


Create IT is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, was recognized as Solution Partner of the Year 2016 during the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto, and is also the only company that has won 3 awards from the European SharePoint Community. 

The impact of SharePoint technology throughout the world can be summed up in impressive numbers (source: The Future of SharePoint):

  • More than 200.000 client organizations
  • More than 190 Million paid seats
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  • 2x usage growth in the last year (SharePoint Online)
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