Ceetrus and Create IT implement a custom project for retail based on Microsoft technology

Ceetrus and Create IT implement a custom project for retail based on Microsoft technology

Ceetrus Portugal, alongside Create IT, designed and developed the MY CEETRUS platform, a unique digital tool of the company to support the communication and the daily operation of all tenants present in their shopping centers. This platform arises from the need to reinforce the process of digital transformation carried out by Ceetrus Portugal, through the creation of an internal communication portal that allows the sharing of information and the contact between the teams of the assets that Ceetrus manages and its shopkeepers.

The MY CEETRUS platform is designed to respond to three strategic areas:

  • Develop a strong sense of community among all the retailers of the commercial spaces managed by Ceetrus Portugal;
  • Improve two-way communication with tenants;
  • Simplify, digitize and streamline operational processes for shopkeepers and Ceetrus teams.

At Ceetrus community level, the MY CEETRUS platform aims to foster the relationship of all shopkeepers, helping them to become more productive and autonomous, through an engaging and inclusive platform (accessible by desktop, mobile and tablet). In the context of bidirectional communication, all asset management processes are now one-click away, making it easy, quick and convenient to take everyday actions of a shopping center, such as collecting data to create a simplified registration and digital of all the demands and daily necessities of the shopkeepers and to share information on the general performance of the shopping center.

Developed in tandem with Create IT, based on the DiggSpace platform - a technology-based solution from Microsoft - MY CEETRUS aims to support tenants in all its daily processes through a functional, fast implementation platform, geared towards globalization, supported the services of Microsoft Azure, and the modular and extensibility capabilities of DiggSpace.

“We were able to define three key elements that should be part of the MY CEETRUSplatform: to enable it to adapt to our international portfolio, to be optimized for mobile devices to be available to everyone and in any location; and finally create a digital database of tenants with all their requests. The main objective of the MYCEETRUS platform is to make all our shop owners feel part of the Ceetrus community, while at the same time facilitating their tasks, “says Carlos Costa, Ceetrus Portugal Property & Leasing Director.

For Create IT, “this platform designed specifically for Ceetrus Portugal allowed us to accelerate the Communication and Engagement component with retailers through the platform’s native functionality and support business needs by taking advantage of DiggSpace’s modularity and extensibility. says Raúl Ribeiro, Create IT Manager and Product Manager DiggSpace.

Carlos Costa, Property & Leasing Director of Ceetrus Portugal, also states that “We expect the MY CEETRUS platform to be fully operational in all group assets by the end of the first half of 2019.”


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