Create IT launches a new version of the DiggSpace platform at a time when it reaches the milestone of 30 thousand users

Create IT launches a new version of the DiggSpace platform at a time when it reaches the milestone of 30 thousand users

The new version of Create IT's ready-to-use internal communication portal is launched on March 5 in Portugal (event in Lisbon) and on March 12 in the European market (event in London). Simpler and more intuitive management and a new layout are some of the new features. In just two years, DiggSpace already has more than 30 thousand users.

Lisbon, March 2, 2020 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform and business support systems, will provide a new and more complete version of DiggSpace, a platform for the rapid deployment of Intranets integrated with Microsoft Office 365. With a setup in less than 1 day, DiggSpace enhances productivity and knowledge sharing, reinforcing the feeling of belonging and commitment among employees.

The new version allows for even simpler and more intuitive management and customization, giving complete autonomy even to non-technical users. The goal is to make more and more features available on the platform frontend to gradually avoid the need to resort to the back-office, making the creation and updating of content much faster, easier and dynamic.

Among the main improvements compared to the previous version, Create IT highlights the total remodeling of the layout that is now more appealing, the new channel system that facilitates contents management and organization, and the new text editor. Create IT strongly invested in usability in order to improve user experience, content edition and system administration.

The latest version of DiggSpace also includes a wide range of functionalities as a result of customer suggestions and the continuous adoption of best practices and market trends:

  • Management of the highlights of the homepage and content creation for the entire portal directly on the frontend, such as adding documents, related articles and components (eg Iframe, Maps, PowerBI), with the new editor reflecting the final result, that is, it is no longer necessary to make a preview.
  • Microsoft Teams group association to a channel.
  • Possibility to associate a section of frequently asked questions to each channel.
  • New form engines more intuitive and easier to use, which allows the definition of specific rules in each field, entirely on the frontend.
  • New global settings page on the frontend.
  • New applications page, with the possibility of creating and editing on the frontend.
  • Improved search page with the possibility to search by tag and in free text.
  • Notification of comments to the author of each content.
  • Notification of editing by the authors to the respective approvers.
  • New idea generation module that helps to find innovative solutions collaboratively.

Current DiggSpace customers can upgrade to the new version until June, the date from which the previous version will no longer be supported.

«DiggSpace has become the platform of choice for creating a digital work environment at leading companies such as Trivalor, Critical Techworks, Hoti Hoteis, SportTV, Ceetrus and Medway / MSC. We wanted to bring the best of all the ideas received over these two years to create this new version that has had very positive feedback. The continuous evolution of the product and its ever-greater adaptation to the real needs of customers will always be a priority», highlights Nuno Guerra, CEO of Create IT.

DiggSpace is a SaaS product (Software-as-a-Service) and is implemented directly by Create IT or through its network of partners.


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About DiggSpace

DiggSpace is a platform that allows the creation of ready-to-use intranets, enabling companies to communicate in a bidirectional manner with all employees, sharing information, collecting feedback and fostering teamwork and collaboration. All of this maintaining the client's corporate identity and taking advantage of Office 365 features. The digital work environment is easily configured and managed by the business users themselves, without requiring any technical skills.
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About Create IT

Founded in 2001, Create IT is a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform systems and business support, with a strong component of collaboration and integration, and totally focused on creating value, increasing productivity and measurable gains. Maintaining a strong and rewarding relationship with its customers, it combines the experience of the best technological solutions with the promotion of an environment where talent can thrive, bringing the best of people.
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