Create IT implements remote time clock solution at Sumol+Compal

Create IT implements remote time clock solution at Sumol+Compal

Developed in just one week, the tool allows to register hours of entry, pause and exit on desktop or mobile, anytime and anywhere. Streamlining people management and safeguarding work accidents in the context of a pandemic are some of the main advantages.

Lisbon, March 15, 2021 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform and business support systems, implemented a time clock solution at Sumol+Compal that allows the registration of entry and exit hours of the company's employees - anytime and anywhere, safeguarding work accidents and ensuring the reporting of data in their workstations.

The solution was implemented under the Power Apps platform, a low-code/no-code tool that belongs to the Microsoft Power Platform ecosystem. Through this application, Sumol+Compal employees are able to remotely record their entry, pause and exit times, as well as the location from which they are accessing and recording data.

The time clock is accessible via the web or on mobile devices and allows data to be integrated into their data source, in SharePoint. Through serverless code (Azure functions) the data is integrated into an external ERP tool so that they are properly used in decision support systems.

“Through this application, the Human Resources department at Sumol+Compal sees its attendance management process and the management of its employees' workspace streamlined and easily integrated into the ERP HR module, complementing the face-to-face clock system, and ensuring that it covers the legal requirements of the attendance management process, validating whether employees are telecommuting or not”, explains Hugo Gonçalves, Information Systems Manager at Sumol+Compal.

The application is available to the entire team of Sumol+Compal in Portugal, around 1200 employees, and its adoption has been growing over time.

"In a context of lockdown and with a large part of the company's operation in a contingency environment, the system allowed quick adaptation to the new reality, guaranteeing continuity in a critical situation where it was essential to maintain an effective attendance management", points out the responsible. “We were able to streamline the process of tracking and registering employees' entries and exits and investing in recent and innovative technology”, adds Hugo Gonçalves.

The system was developed in less than a week, being available to users on mobile and desktop environments in the next week. And it was followed by incremental improvements as needed, such as the integration of records in the ERP and the development of more advanced features. Create IT was responsible for all phases of the project: from the definition and discussion of requirements to the implementation, governance, and transition to quality and production environments. The direct involvement of the Sumol+Compal Information Systems area ensured a high degree of alignment with the group's needs throughout the process.

“With this project, Sumol+Compal tested the low code approach through the Power Platform, contributing to the renewal of its application development process through the implementation of the architectural vision proposed by Create IT. It was with great satisfaction that we were involved in this critical solution for the Human Resources department at Sumol+Compal, reinforcing the existing relationship in the area of ​​collaboration and intranets, and support services”, concludes David Oliveira, Technical Responsible for the project at Create IT.


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