Create IT grows 20% and expands international business, surpassing 4M€

Create IT grows 20% and expands international business, surpassing 4M€

Portuguese tech company currently has 73 employees and the expectation is that it will continue to hire actively in order to support business growth, which has been between 20% and 30% in recent years. Cross-border revenue already represents 20% of the total turnover, reaching 90% in the SaaS product CloudCockpit.

Lisbon, March 13, 2023 – Create IT, a Portuguese tech company focused on the development of business-critical multiplatform systemsclosed 2022 with a turnover of more than 4 million euros, which represents a 20% growth compared to the previous year.

This result was essentially due to the growth seen both in services and in SaaS products - CloudCockpit (management platform for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers) and DiggSpace (ready-to-use digital workplace platform).

In the area of consultancy services, Create IT managed to deepen the relationship with large national companies, and currently has teams leveraging the digital transformation of critical platforms such as Continente Online, Wells Online or Worten Online. On the other hand, it also grew significantly in the specialized consulting business at an international level, starting a strong relationship with AXA. This involvement with large customers takes place today in various cloud technology areas, namely Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, OutSystems and Google.

“The percentage of international business differs depending on the area, and the one in which it is higher is on CloudCockpit, reaching a value close to 90%. In general terms, the value is around 20%”, highlights Nuno Guerra, CEO of Create IT.

Over the past year, CloudCockpit has strengthened its position in key Microsoft Cloud markets such as English and French with around 40% growth in terms of revenue. The product already serves end customers in more than 30 geographies around the world.

As for DiggSpace, it conquered new clients such as CHUC (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra) and VICTORIA Seguros. The target now is its expansion outside Portugal, having already started the process of entering new markets, with a focus on northern Europe, capitalizing on experience in sectors such as finance, retail, health, media or tourism, as well as the fact that it is already available in several languages, allowing its simultaneous use in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French.

The investment in the team has been decisive for the results. Create IT currently has 73 employees, having hired in 2022 from senior technical profiles or Scrum masters to new elements for the areas of Customer Success or Sales and Marketing. The expectation for this year is that it will continue to grow consistently in terms of human resources, between 20 and 30%, similar to what has happened in recent years.

With regard to attracting and retaining talent, Nuno Guerra states that “In our understanding, the essential factor for attracting and developing talent is to invest in people strategically and continuously. A culture focused on innovation and excellence that we live with dedication to respond with agility to the accelerated transformation that is taking place in the sector. In this culture, there is a genuine spirit of openness, respect and mutual help, where autonomy and responsibility allow each person to capitalize on their strengths within agile, cohesive and resilient teams. On the other hand, investing in people involves giving them time and resources to invest in their personal development.”

For this very reason, each person at Create IT has not only a manager, but also a mentor that can choose to help with individual development. Our talents also have time proportional to about 1 month per year in which they are not allocated to a project or product, and in which they can decide autonomously what to invest in: training, proofs of concept, research, knowledge sharing, internal initiatives, etc. There is also access to a training platform in the areas of soft-skills and leadership, a free-pass for training on platforms such as Udemy and continuous support from an external coach. Finally, they have the freedom to work from where they prefer at every moment of their life.

“For this year, Create IT intends to consolidate growth in the service areas, both in customers with whom it already maintains a relationship, and with new companies that are focused on building relationships with a partner of excellence for their technological transformation and modernization, betting on replicating the successful model with new national and international clients”, concludes Nuno Guerra.


About Create IT

Founded in 2001, Create IT is a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical and business support multiplatform systems, with a strong component of collaboration and integration, and totally focused on creating value, increasing productivity and measurable gains. Maintaining a strong and rewarding relationship with its customers, it combines the experience of the best technological solutions with the promotion of an environment where talent can thrive.