Create IT implements RTP's integrated authentication solution for SAP and Sharepoint

Create IT was challenged by RTP to implement a Single Sign-On solution in a Microsoft SharePoint Server based intranet environment with the goal to streamline the interaction between those two systems. 

Using Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 it has become possible to access existing reports in the external SAP R/3 system in a simple way, by using native SharePoint features (Sharepoint 2010 - Secure Store Service).
Using this mechanism, the user does not need to provide authentication credentials twice (on the intranet and on the SAP Business Intelligence platform) whenever he wishes to access a report.

This way, the intranet user only has to insert his SAP access credentials once. The implemented solution uses those credentials in the subsequent requests to the Business Intelligence platform, providing a seamless experience for the user and making it easy to navigate through the business reports.

If it becomes necessary to change the authentication credentials in the external SAP system, the implemented solution makes it very easy to replace the user's existing credentials with new ones. The implemented solution also allows RTP to easily determine and configure which reports are available for each intranet user to access.

RTP Authentication

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