Case Study

Coimbra Hospital Center (CHUC)

Creating a common digital atrium, gaining autonomy in content management and promoting greater collaboration between teams were the main goals for choosing Diggspace. The future lies in continuing to accelerate digital transformation in Health.
About the Client

The Coimbra Hospital and University Center (CHUC - Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra) was created in 2011 and includes the following hospitals: University of Coimbra, General (Covões), Paediatric, Sobral Cid, and the Bissaya Barreto and Dr. Daniel de Matos Maternities.

This complex is known as a centre of research with a broad range of clinical services and medical specialties.

Client Key Numbers

8 000
The Challenge

Coimbra Hospital and University Center (CHUC) needed to update its previous Intranet, as it involved complex maintenance, presented security risks and had usability problems. In addition, there was great difficulty in managing content in an autonomous and decentralized way.

It was, therefore, essential to modernize the digital workspace and provide an environment that promotes interaction within and between teams, in order to also leverage existing tools and collaborative work.

“There was the challenge of creating a common, collective space for communication and involvement of our professionals, in which institutional content could be centralized, such as information, Board deliberations, internal regulations, news, events and training, and that would function as a digital atrium for all employees, as a space for integration”, explains Rosário Reis, Hospital Administrator, Coordinator of Digital Transformation at CHUC.

All of this would also contribute to raising the organization's levels of resilience, allowing it to better respond to situations such as mass remote/hybrid work or possible cyber attacks.

The Solution

The solution adopted was Diggspace, Create IT's SaaS platform for the rapid creation of state-of-the-art Intranets. As a modern & digital workplace, it works as a meeting point, a place to share information and involve the entire team, allowing to manage all types of content autonomously and providing an excellent user experience, both in terms of backoffice and frontoffice.

“Create IT presented us with a ready-to-use solution that met our functional and organizational requirements. As a product available in a SaaS (Software-as-Service) model, we didn't even have to worry about infrastructure and maintenance, since these components are included in the licensing agreement. Additionally, since the first conversations, it has proved to be a close partner, capable of understanding the health context and addressing our challenges”, says João Gomes, Project Manager of the Technology and Information Systems Service at CHUC.

Among the main features of the solution are the work panel (dashboard), notification area, learning center (e-learning), employee recognition, ideation laboratory, directory of employees and contacts, directory of applications, automatic newsletters, integrated search and analytics.

It includes several native integrations with Microsoft 365, Azure AD and Teams, and has advantages such as fast startup (ready-to-use product), simple administration and configuration (frontend), easy content management (accessibility to all information, permanently updated), full availability (anytime, anywhere – for all employees, with or without a workspace, inside or outside the premises/cloud), multichannel access (desktop and mobile), security and scalability.

The initial content loading took two weeks and the solution was instantly available, as it is a Cloud product.

Create IT was in charge of technological implementation, monitoring and advising internal work teams, sharing suggestions and good practices, leading collaborative workshops, developing custom and process dematerialization applications, training key users, supporting and maintaining applications (preventive, evolutionary and corrective).


The Result

The greatest benefits achieved by CHUC were the better involvement and proximity of its people, permanently updated and accessible information, work tools at a click distance, a more collaborative environment, and acceleration of the transformation and digitalization of the way of working - making it possible to successfully address any model (face-to-face, remote or hybrid).

“We are very happy with this partnership, Create IT has been challenging us to adopt new collaboration practices, such as remote workshops, and to accelerate the dematerialization of internal processes. They stimulate change by proactively proposing alternatives and finding solutions to the problems we share. We feel a lot of availability, alignment and convergence”, highlights João Gomes.


On Launch Day

+4 500
+1 000
Users in first hours
+10 000
Pageviews in first hours