Case Study

Meet Diggy

Transforming Intranet engagement: the story behind Diggy, Diggspace's AI-powered virtual assistant developed by Create IT
About Diggy

Aimed to elevate employees experience with their Intranet, Diggy is the new Diggspace’s major feature that reflects Create IT capabilities in building customized AI-powered chatbots. Diggy integrates various internal contents, summarizes results, and presents organized information, eliminating the time spent on searching and processing data. Additionally, it can also help managers to create new texts and identify inconsistencies in current ones.


The Challenge

Diggspace, a leading SaaS platform for creating intranets in minutes, wanted to go beyond traditional features to meet the evolving needs of its users and leverage the latest tech advancements. The primary goal was to incorporate an AI-powered chatbot functionality that would:

"We were looking to revolutionize the Diggspace experience with an innovation that once again could demonstrate our continuous commitment to improving the value delivered to users and modernizing enterprise solutions," starts by explaining Gustavo Leitão, Head of Diggspace.


The Solution

Diggspace relied on Create IT’s bots development services to address these challenges and rapidly bring its new AI-powered virtual assistant to life. Named Diggy and functioning as the Intranet’s ChatGPT, it was seamlessly integrated into the Diggspace platform.

“With Diggy, we are elevating efficiency and interaction among employees to a new level. We believe our clients will see productivity and quality improvements as information is presented naturally and immediately when needed, avoiding endless searches and extensive readings,” highlights Gustavo Leitão.


Key features and benefits include:

Natural Language Processing:

Diggy engages in conversations with users in natural language, supporting multiple languages, and providing an intuitive interface for information retrieval.

Context-aware responses:

Leveraging advanced AI, Diggy understands the context of questions and provides precise, relevant answers, including references and links to original sources.

Comprehensive knowledge access:

Diggy indexes a wide range of internal content, such as processes, channels, courses, documents, and more, making it easily accessible to users based on their permissions.

Support for Managers and Editors:

Diggy aids managers and editors by suggesting new texts and identifying inconsistencies in existing content, such as outdated information, discrepancies, and repetitions. This improves the quality of information available to teams.

Enhanced productivity and collaboration:

By reducing the time spent searching for information and providing quick access to necessary resources, Diggy boosts productivity and promotes collaboration among team members.

Robust security:

Diggy is built on Azure OpenAI Services, ensuring that user data is protected under stringent security and privacy policies. Data inputs and outputs are exclusive to the user’s environment and are not shared or used to improve third-party models.

Use Cases

Besides answering to general queries and suggesting new contents, Diggy can also be useful for:
Onboarding Assistance
Onboarding Assistance

Diggy can assist new employees in navigating the onboarding process by providing step-by-step guidance on tasks such as setting up email accounts and accessing essential documents.

Policy Clarifications
Policy Clarifications

Diggy can help employees understand company policies by providing clear explanations and directing them to relevant documents or resources for further information.

Event Information
Event Information

Diggy can keep employees informed about upcoming events, such as team-building activities or training sessions, by providing details such as dates, times, and RSVP instructions.

Process Guidance
Process Guidance

Diggy can guide employees through various processes within the organisation, such as submitting leave requests or expense reports, by providing instructions and directing them to the appropriate channels or forms.

The Results

With the availability of Diggy, Diggspace has significantly enhanced its platform, providing a powerful tool that not only streamlines internal communication and knowledge management but also empowers employees and managers to perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively

"Diggy represents a significant milestone in the history of Diggspace. It is the first virtual assistant based on AI technology that provides support to users with exclusively internal, contextually relevant information," concludes Gustavo Leitão.

Create IT's development of Diggy showcases the potential of AI-powered chatbots in enhancing organizational efficiency. By integrating such innovative solutions, Create IT continues to empower businesses, driving productivity and fostering a collaborative work environment.


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