Five years after the launch of the first version of the ready-to-use digital workplace platform, Create IT revamps the branding of Diggspace and unveils a completely redesigned website, with a particular focus on the most innovative markets in Central and Northern Europe. The new font, monogram, and color reflect the flexibility and dynamism of the SaaS product in terms of customization, diversity, and a wide range of tools for enhancing the corporate climate in the era of hybrid work.

Portuguese tech company currently has 73 employees and the expectation is that it will continue to hire actively in order to support business growth, which has been between 20% and 30% in recent years. Cross-border revenue already represents 20% of the total turnover, reaching 90% in the SaaS product CloudCockpit.

Creating a common digital atrium, gaining autonomy in content management and promoting greater collaboration between teams were the main goals of implementing Diggspace. The future lies in continuing to accelerate digital transformation in Health.

To accelerate digital transformation, Create IT has made DiggSpace, a ready-to-use digital workplace platform, available on the Microsoft Teams appsource. The goal is to facilitate access and allow organizations to build modern and digital work environments simply and quickly. DiggSpace already has clients in 3 languages and 7 industries, having recently also entered large hospitals and insurance companies.

🎉 We had no doubts, but now it's official! Create IT was recognized as one of the happiest companies in Portugal ❤

Portuguese tech company intends to hire more than two dozen specialized talents in 2022, reaching the milestone of 100 employees. Star products already serve end customers in 23 geographies.

Investment in Microsoft tools, such as SharePoint and Power Apps, has accelerated the digital transformation of Sumol+Compal in several business-critical areas and relied on the agile support of Create IT. Collaboration involves not only functional support, systems maintenance and application and infrastructure updates, but also the implementation of improvements and the creation and automation of new processes.

Developed in just one week, the tool allows to register hours of entry, pause and exit on desktop or mobile, anytime and anywhere. Streamlining people management and safeguarding work accidents in the context of a pandemic are some of the main advantages.

Diggspace, a ready-to-use digital workplace platform developed by Create IT, was selected by VICTORIA Seguros as the technological basis for its new Employee Portal - a huge leap forward in terms of autonomy, interaction and navigability.

Project includes migration to the OutSystems low-code platform and reformulation of the 'look & feel' of the bank's portal. Create IT's choice for another project is based on a trusted relationship since 2012.