Create represented by João Pedro Martins at ITARC 2015

|create|it| represented by João Pedro Martins at ITARC 2015

|create|it| CTO, João Pedro Martins, will represent the Portuguese company at ITARC 2015. This international conference of IT architects, as well as, executive chiefs from this area is one of the biggest events annually organized. The event will happen between the 21st and 22nd of May and will take place in Stockholm. This will be the eight edition of this meeting.

Among other important personalities, João Pedro Martins will lead a workshop about "Architecting a Large Software Project - Lessons Learned". Projects with greater dimensions demand a high level of architecture in multiple aspects. Attending to this aspect, the role of the "Software Architect" includes communication with the Client and the management of the solution, ensuring its technical quality. In this conference, João Pedro Martins will present a case-study project which had the duration of three years since the development until the milestone in the technical, functional and architectural solution.

In this event will be discussed multiple themes such as systems and experiences centered in helping IT architects generating value at all levels and in the projects designed.