Create IT talks about the Cloud at Lusófona University

Last January 20, André Vala (SharePoint Solutions Architect in Create IT) presented at Lusófona University the seminar "Architecting E-Commerce Global Solutions for the Cloud." Another session organized as part of the continuous relationship that Create IT maintains with universities.

With a very attentive audience, the presentation began by addressing the key challenges of any global solution (access from multiple geographies, multiple time zones and multi-language); the main challenges of e-commerce (security, payments, distributed session and integration of business support systems); and the main challenges of cloud (optimize costs and plan for the latency).

Then André Vala shared how Microsoft Azure responds to these challenges and presented a real example: the stimulating Equator project from Pestana Group (e-commerce portals accessible via In the end, everyone agreed that design to the cloud requires a different mindset, it is critical to have a decoupled and componentized architecture, predict miscommunications and plan to latency, and include the cost of the services to estimate the solution.

It was a pleasure to be among future architects of cloud solutions! See you soon, Lusófona!