Create IT launches an internal communication platform with setup in less than 4 hours

Create IT launches an internal communication platform with setup in less than 4 hours

DiggSpace represents Create IT's commitment to providing solutions that meet the challenges of agility in digital transformation. The new solution is a ready-to-use internal communication portal that promotes productivity, team spirit and knowledge sharing among employees.

Lisbon, December 4th, 2017 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical, cross-platform, and business support systems, has launched DiggSpace, a ready-to-use platform that allows companies to communicate in a bidirectional way with all employees, share information, and gather feedback, fostering teamwork and collaboration. All this while maintaining their corporate identity and taking advantage of Office 365 features.

This digital work environment is easily configured and managed by business users, not requiring any technical skills.

Create IT's goal for DiggSpace is to, by the end of the year, double its turnover and raise 3 partners, 1 of them international.

"DiggSpace responds to the need for organizations to have a solution that enhances employee’s involvement, collaboration, and productivity through a structured, visually appealing, and easy-to-manage interface which promotes fast-paced communication", highlights Raúl Ribeiro, Product Manager of DiggSpace.

This platform addresses two structural changes in organizations, "on the one hand, a greater openness to cloud solutions and the need to capitalize Office 365 and, on the other hand, the fact that there are more and more initiatives of engagement through technology are now a responsibility of areas such as human resources, marketing, and communication. In our view, these two changes lead to the search for agile, ready-to-use solutions that go beyond the complexity often associated with technology", says Raúl.

DiggSpace is a SaaS product (Software as a Service) and can be applied in any geography, so the goal is to attract national and international partners to quickly scale the platform, allied to Create IT's own direct sales model.

"DiggSpace's key differentiators include rapid deployment, cloud-driven globalization, and user autonomy, not requiring IT support", adds Raúl Ribeiro.


The advantages of DiggSpace include:

  • Office 365 integration - better adoption of functionalities, such as Groups or Yammer
  • Simple daily management of contents to be communicated
  • Adaptation to any device – responsive frontend and backoffice
  • Customization according to the company’s brand
  • Extensibility through the development of additional modules
  • Integration with existing systems through web services that allow communicating inside and outside DiggSpace
  • Setup in less than 4 hours and ability to go-live faster than a traditional project


Although the initial goal of this platform is to increase companies' involvement with their employees, being DiggSpace a communication and engagement solution, it can also be applied to suppliers and partners, that is, to a network of people with whom it's intention is to communicate, involve, share, and accelerate access to information.

The future is to "continue to evolve the platform, grow the network of partners nationally and internationally, and thereby increase the number of companies adopting DiggSpace", concludes Raúl Ribeiro.