Create IT welcomes Agile Connect Community Meetup at its headquarters

Create IT welcomes Agile Connect Community Meetup at its headquarters

Similar to what happened with the DevOps Community Meetup, Create IT supports again the community of which it is an integral part and contributes to the evangelization of the approaches and best practices in which it believes and adopts on a daily basis. This time, it will host the Lisbon Community Meetup of Agile Connect, which will take place on May 11 from 7pm to 9pm at its headquarters in Alvalade (Avenida da Igreja, 42, 12º Esq, 1700-239 Lisboa).

Agile Connect® is a platform of People and Teams, with Portuguese roots, that encourages and supports the widespread adoption of effective Lean & Agile thinking and practices.

As a company that successfully uses this approach in the projects in which it gets involved, it is with great satisfaction that Create IT partners with Agile Connect and actively participates in the sharing of knowledge and in initiatives that promote it.

The Meetup agenda includes two unmissable sessions: "From sexy to nightmare - a business perspective over Agile" and "The Agile is Right", the most amazing Agile Quiz ever played!



Participation is free of charge and can be done here. Places are limited and the room is almost full, so book your seat now.


We look forward to welcoming you at Create IT on May 11th! Together we take the Agile methodology further.



About the Agile Methodology

The Agile Methodology is based on a series of best practices on software development in order to guarantee the total adequacy of the deliverables to the initial expectations of the customer. For this, several iterations are carried out throughout the projects, with a periodic delivery of parts of the final product, to collect and consider feedback from the teams involved, both in the business area and in the technical area.