Metropolitano de Lisboa and Create IT launch REDE – a solidarity platform

May 2, 2018
Metropolitano de Lisboa, with Create IT, launched REDE platform to unite those in need with volunteers, advancing social responsibility.

In line with its commitment to promoting a business strategy in the area of ​​social responsibility and citizenship, Metropolitano de Lisboa, in partnership with Create IT, launched REDE platform to bring together the most needed ones and those who voluntarily want to help.

REDE is a solidarity marketplace that digitally connects donors (the whole community, whether individuals or public/private organizations) with beneficiary entities (such as municipalities, social solidarity private institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc.), allowing the alignment of needs with potential donations.

Beneficiary entities can publish and update announcements, and donors can see what goods and services are most needed and urgent at any time, being able to contact the beneficiary entity and agree on the delivery of the good or service to donate.

Through this network, it is also possible to strengthen the business environment in the neediest areas. For this purpose, there is a list of suppliers with productive capacity, managed by the municipalities, that can be selected and contracted.

The platform emerged in the context of the reconstruction support to the areas affected by the fires that occurred in Portugal in October 2017, with Oliveira do Hospital as the pioneer municipality. It is now expected that more municipalities enter the network, registering their needs and applying for membership via

In addition, the increase in beneficiary and donor entities, even outside the initial context of the project, provides a new ambition expected to grow to a national level as a useful and credible tool of solidarity, both in post-disaster scenarios and in everyday life, being a platform open to the community.

The development of the tech platform is based on the latest technologies, focusing on usability and user experience, both for the end user and back-office content management, with an intuitive and appealing layout. Accessible through desktop and mobile devices, it allows finding ads quickly and efficiently, not only through the search system but also through the use of well-structured categories filters.

In this context, Metropolitano de Lisboa and Create IT invite their employees, family, friends, customers, suppliers and the community in general, to join this project, supporting those who need it the most in the healthy spirit of circular economy.

Together, it will be possible to extend the network of beneficiaries and donor entities in