Medway's Internal Communication has new platform powered by Create IT, Llorente & Cuenca and NOSSA™

Medway's Internal Communication has new platform powered by Create IT, Llorente & Cuenca and NOSSA™

Create IT, Llorente & Cuenca and NOSSA partnered with Medway to build a digital communication channel based on DiggSpace, a Create IT platform for rapid portal implementation. The goal is to streamline communication between the employees of the transport and logistics company, bringing together in one single place the access to all the tools useful for their daily work.

Lisbon, November 20, 2018Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical, collaborative and business support multiplatform systems, has developed an internal communication platform for Medway in partnership with the creative agency NOSSA™ and the consulting firm Llorente & Cuenca.

The new digital platform was launched to strengthen the company's internal communication after the privatization of CP Cargo and consequent integration into the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company. In this way, Medway solves the problem of information dispersion through different links, folders and work processes, providing in the same space tools such as travel and meal schedules, access to documents and templates, internal employment opportunities and protocols with other companies.

“With this channel, we not only managed to centralize in one place the sharing of events and initiatives that are happening in the company and in the industry, but we also allow employees to know better their colleagues through individual profiles”, said Carlos Vasconcelos, Administrator of Medway.

Prior to the start of development, and to ensure an excellent adoption and satisfaction rate, users, ie Medway employees, were heard to collect needs and inputs. The result was a portal that meets their expectations, simplifies their daily work and increases their sense of belonging.

Raúl Ribeiro, Manager at Create IT and DiggSpace Product Manager, highlights "the agility that DiggSpace gives to those who need to evaluate and understand how an Internal Communication platform responds to business needs. At Medway this agility allowed us to structure and launch the platform in a short time, supporting the changes that occurred in the company as well as the future evolutions that any business nowadays needs to do. Native integration with Office 365 allows Medway to take advantage of all its features and was also one of the reasons DiggSpace was adopted, as well as its extensibility that enables the development of specific modules for each client.”