My intership at Create, by Carolina Pina

My intership at Create, by Carolina Pina

I learned about Create at an event that connects university students to Portuguese companies from several sectors. I was looking for a summer internship in my area - Information Management - and I couldn't have had more luck.

I had the opportunity to develop dashboards that would actually be used by all employees in all business areas of Create. I was entrusted with the most diverse data with which I could develop and improve the requested documents, always with the opportunity to express my ideas and opinions, and this was reflected in a constant challenge coupled with a huge learning.

As it was not a fixed proposal, I was curious and expectant to find out what I would face. And it was in accordance with my interests! In fact, I was able to gain professional experience in my field of study while working with a tool I already had practice and ease with. I was also able to count on a professional and welcoming team always willing to help me, as well as a flexible period.

During this challenge I had as coordinator Gustavo Leitão, a great professional who gave me an admirable support. Throughout the process, he was always very available, giving me full openness to express doubts, opinions and suggestions, while at the same time making clear what was expected of me and assisting in any impasse I encountered. There has always been an investment in reinforcing my progress and achievements during the development of the project.

From the first moment I realized that it would be an excellent opportunity, not only for the unique characteristics of Create and its welcoming environment, but also for the concrete project in my hands, surpassing my expectations for what would be my 2019 summer internship.

Thank you Create,

Carolina Quintas Pina

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