Create IT collaborates in reshaping the BPI Net Companies site

Create IT collaborates in reshaping the BPI Net Companies website

Project includes migration to the OutSystems low-code platform and reformulation of the 'look & feel' of the bank's portal. Create IT's choice for another project is based on a trusted relationship since 2012.

Lisbon, December 14th, 2020 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical, cross-platform, and business support systems, was the partner chosen by BPI to redesign the BPI Net Companies website, including both its' look & feel 'wants to migrate to the low-code platform of OutSystems.



BPI intended to migrate the BPI Net Companies website to a new generation of development platforms. There was, therefore, a vast set of needs, namely the update to more advanced technologies and the increase in agility and speed in the maintenance and implementation of new features.

"Along with the technological change, a reformulation of the 'look & feel' of the application is also foreseen, to be carried out after the completion of the migration phase", explains Rui Soares, Tech Lead at Create IT.

Create IT's relationship with BPI started in 2012, after an invitation to develop an internal application for managing credit risk exposure limits.

“Since then, the relationship has been strengthened, the trust gained and the quality, excellence and professionalism have made us reach where we are today, thus creating this new project, which includes the gradual migration of BPI Net Companies to the OutSystems low-code platform”, highlights Ricardo Costa, Account Manager at Create IT.



BPI Net Companies is the home-banking service for corporate customers. It is an ecosystem with many features and services, composed of several parts, and Create IT is responsible for the technological migration of the current website.

The implementation is still ongoing and is carried out in phases, in a very close and trusting relationship between both companies. “There is a great involvement between BPI and Create IT, since otherwise it would not be possible to bring a project of this dimension to a successful conclusion”, says Inês Oliveira, Product Owner at Create IT.

The experience in the Banking area and in OutSystems technology, as well as the functional know-how added by both teams have been fundamental for the success of the project. “We cannot think that, as a technological migration, it is not necessary to have knowledge of the business, so the teams are in constant contact, whether in the analysis phases, in the tests and even in the planning. As there is a strong culture of agile methodologies, specifically at the Scrum level, the interaction is continuous”, she adds.

In addition to contributing with functional analysts, Create IT is also preparing the website's technical documentation. The team also includes OutSystems programmers and a Scrum Master, currently with a total of 7 elements.



The migration, as it is being done on a low-code platform such as OutSystems, allows for faster delivery of new services to customers and a more efficient business transformation. It becomes very easy to provide digital solutions with continuous deliveries of modern applications.

BPI Bank is very satisfied with Create IT's work, which is evident in the growth of the partnership. “What started with participation in a single project, already extends to many others in BPI Bank teams. The quality of delivery, the professionalism and the energy that we put into the processes are fundamental points and we must not forget that there is a very strong focus on alignment with BPI and on realizing its real needs, always trying together to deliver the best solution possible”, reveals Ricardo Costa.

A very relevant point is the stability of the professionals in the teams. The IT labor market is very volatile. At Create IT, time and dedication are invested to minimize the turnover of its professionals. “We have almost always achieved an annual turnover of less than 5%, which is also important for customers, providing greater security and more lasting relationships and strong mutual commitment”, highlights Nuno Carvalho, responsible for the People and Culture area at Create IT.

The goal for the future is to maintain and expand the relationship with BPI, “to continue to demonstrate that more than a technological partner, we want to be a reference partner and advisor”, concludes Ricardo Costa.


About BPI

BPI's origin dates back to 1981 with the creation of SPI - Sociedade Portuguesa de Investimentos, with a diversified shareholder structure, which included a strong component of the national business community, consisting of 100 of the most dynamic Portuguese companies and four of the most important international financial institutions. More information at


About Create IT

Founded in 2001, Create IT is a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical and business support multiplatform systems, with a strong component of collaboration and integration, and totally focused on creating value, increasing productivity and measurable gains. Maintaining a strong and rewarding relationship with its customers, it combines the experience of the best technological solutions with the promotion of an environment where talent can thrive.