Create IT provides Diggspace platform free of charge to entities in the public, private and social sectors

Create IT provides Diggspace platform free of charge to entities in the public, private and social sectors

To facilitate team proximity and collaboration even in remote work, the new and more complete version of Create IT's ready-to-use internal communication portal is now available free of charge for three months to entities in the public, private and social sectors. Simply contact the company via email

Lisbon, March 19, 2020 - Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform and business support systems, has just announced the free availability for 3 months of the Diggspace platform in educational institutions, healthcare and private companies. In parallel, it also supports the adoption of collaboration tools, namely Office 365.

“We live in challenging times for the way we live, interact and work, when circumstances force us to social isolation, abrupt changes in routines and ways of working. The pandemic that is plaguing us today forces us to accelerate the process of adopting remote work and modern & digital workplace practices, in which it is essential to take advantage of collaboration platforms such as the various tools available in the Microsoft Office 365 suite”, says Gustavo Leitão, Head of DiggSpace at Create IT.

With years of experience in remote work, Create IT has developed and optimized tools that enhance alignment and communication between the team, remotely, reinforcing the sense of purpose, group and belonging. Diggspace is a platform for the rapid creation of intranets integrated with Microsoft Office 365. It is an internal communication portal, ready-to-use, of rapid adoption, which allows connecting the entire organization and integrating Microsoft Teams, groups, documents, calendar, news, events, among others.

Create IT is in solidarity with the entities that are now at the forefront of the fight and those that remain operational, making the Diggspace platform available free of charge for a period of three months. The focus is on health and education entities (eg clusters of schools and universities), as well as any private sector company with more than 100 employees (in this case, limited to the first 20 interested companies). Available in SaaS model (software-as-a-service), without the need for any local installation, and with a quick configuration (customization, access, permissions, information architecture, content creation), this platform can be configured, in a few hours for each of these organizations.

This new version allows for even simpler and more intuitive management and customization, giving full autonomy even to non-technical users, making the creation and updating of content much faster, easier and more dynamic. The organization of information in channels facilitates content management, allowing the assignment of different editing and approval permissions by type of article, and enhancing productivity and knowledge sharing, reinforcing cooperation between employees.

An environment structured in 'channels' will be made available where professionals will be able to place content relevant to their area of ​​responsibility (eg direction, department, service, etc.), as well as transversal channels (eg “Covid-19”), the contents can have different formats: texts with or without images, associate documents (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, etc.), audios (eg podcasts), embedded videos, forms / questionnaires, among other potentialities.

It is important to highlight the interaction between and within areas, such as events / meetings and other communications from different bodies (eg councils, working groups, workers' commissions, unions, etc.). The FAQ section and the notifications can be particularly interesting at this moment when we are all looking for answers and updates by the minute.

Also noteworthy is the ideation module, which allows the generation of new ideas, in a collaborative and decentralized way, particularly useful in the current context of adaptation and transformation, in which quick and innovative solutions are sought for the pressing problems of everyday life.

“Additionally, and in order to support organizations to collaborate effectively during this period of physical distance, we maintain and reinforce our value proposition to leverage the adoption of tools such as Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive through proactive and personalized service (even if, at this stage, at a distance). We help accelerate the digital transition by raising its collaboration, mobility and process optimization capabilities, amplifying the power of Office 365 across the company, with clear gains for the business in general and for each person in particular”, refers Sara Oliveira, Head of Consulting Services at Create IT.


About DiggSpace

DiggSpace is a platform that allows the creation of ready-to-use intranets, enabling companies to communicate in a bidirectional manner with all employees, sharing information, collecting feedback and fostering teamwork and collaboration. All of this maintaining the client's corporate identity and taking advantage of Office 365 features. The digital work environment is easily configured and managed by the business users, without requiring any technical skills.

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About Create IT

Founded in 2001, Create IT is a Portuguese company specialized in the development of critical and business support multiplatform systems, with a strong component of collaboration and integration, and totally focused on creating value, increasing productivity and measurable gains. Maintaining a strong and rewarding relationship with its customers, it combines the experience of the best technological solutions with the promotion of an environment where talent can thrive, bringing the best of people.

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