E-Commerce: School Books for Continent Online

Create IT was part of the project team in the development of the front-end for the Continente's Online Store of School Books. Create IT was responsible for the search and integration components, similar to what had already happened with Wells and Continente. It is now possible to book and buy books online in a simple and agile way, just searching for the school and the respective year. 

With a multi-store e-commerce platform already successfully implemented for Continente Online and Wellls Online, Sonae wanted to include school books in this fully optimized process in terms of catalog, logistics, distribution, billing and management.

To this end, Create IT has developed an automated process to integrate into the platform all the books and school materials marketed by Sonae, as well as a mechanism for managing and delivering the orders (used either by clients via portal with the help of a wizard or by physical stores, namely by note!). One of the platform's core features is search. Completely under the responsibility of Create IT and based on Microsoft technology, it allows to filter based on the year and school, author, publisher, book title and simultaneously present a list of related additional products such as manuals. Create IT's work has been very focused on optimizing the speed and the way the search returns results, presenting the articles according to certain business criteria and suggesting terms as the text is introduced.

The Continente Online store bets on a service that is a value proposition for all the clients who seek comfort and simplicity during day-to-day tasks. Create IT helps Continent make life easier for all parents by creating solutions that translate into agility and proximity. Continente Online currently has more than 300 thousand registered customers and more than 4.5 million annual visits.

E-Commerce: School Books for Continent Online

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