We create today what will continue to shine and be differentiating tomorrow

Create IT was founded in 2001 with a guiding principle: tech projects development that anticipate the future and add real value to our customers' business.

We are People who love what they do since day 1

At Create IT we focus on clients as people and not as organizations. And each of us gives the best to provide the best solutions that facilitate, simplify and monetize your day-to-day and your activity. An approach focused on the results, on the quality of the deliverables, and on innovation life.

With a team of professionals who work with true passion and are completely focused on developing the solution that best responds to the customer's challenges, we continuously commit to their appreciation, qualification and motivation.

  • Since our foundation in 2001, we develop critical multi-platform systems and business support systems
  • Generating value, increasing productivity and giving measurable results are always present when we create solutions
  • We have a gratifying relationship 'with and between' clients and team
Tech projects development: People who love what they do since day 1

We are happy People focused on problem solving

When we believe in the value of our work, when we see the satisfaction of the people around us and when we witness the before vs after, we conclude that there is a real passion that moves and motivates us to do more and better. We are one team totally focused on success.

Our employees have a broad experience in tech projects development for clients in a diversity of company sectors, such as Telecommunications, Finance, Industry, Distribution, Tourism and Public Administration.

We invest in certification of both the team and the company and in a work environment full of challenges, opportunities and collaboration, where innovation is valued and recognized.

Happy people focused on problem solving

We are People guided by values

Our values reflect throughout the entire company. Motivation, integrity, confidence, agility, creativity, responsibility, transparency, good relations and leadership define who we are and what we do. We have strong and clear values in the way we provide tech projects development to our customers:

  • Innovation - to anticipate and act upon change, by positioning one step ahead in technology and creating innovative ideas

  • Dedication - born of our deep passion for Information Systems and of our continuous desire to learn and progress

  • Excellence - in everything we do
  • Agility - the will and know-how to surprise our customers and take them further in their goals

Create IT Values

Tech projects development that antecipate the future

Create IT maintains a sustained growth strategy, based on services of recognized quality and excellence, allowing to create innovative and differentiating solutions that support our customers' core business, enhancing its national and international growth.

Nuno Guerra, CEO

Our teams are fully available for any information and/or meeting.