Create IT Achieves Record Growth in 2022

March 13, 2023
With a remarkable 20% growth, exceeding €4 million in revenue. Discover the tech advancements and strategic vision propelling their future

Create IT, a Portuguese tech company specializing in business-critical multiplatform systems, capped off 2022 with a remarkable turnover exceeding 4 million euros, indicating a substantial 20% growth compared to the previous year.

The impressive result is attributed to the flourishing demand for both services and SaaS products, particularly CloudCockpit (a management platform for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers) and Diggspace (a ready-to-use digital workplace platform).

In consultancy services, Create IT strengthened ties with major national companies, spearheading digital transformations for critical platforms like Continente Online, Wells Online, and Worten Online. Internationally, it established a robust partnership with AXA, extending its expertise across various cloud technology domains, including Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, OutSystems, and Google.

Nuno Guerra, CEO of Create IT, highlighted “The percentage of international business differs depending on the area, and the one in which it is higher is on CloudCockpit, reaching a value close to 90%. In general terms, the value is around 20%”.


The team's strategic investment played a pivotal role in these achievements. With a current workforce of 73 employees, Create IT expanded its team in 2022, hiring senior technical profiles, Scrum masters, and new members for Customer Success, Sales, and Marketing. The company anticipates a consistent growth in human resources, ranging between 20% and 30% for the upcoming year.

Create IT's commitment to talent attraction and development is evident in its innovative approach. Employees are paired not only with managers but also mentors for individual development. Each team member enjoys dedicated time, roughly one month annually, for personal initiatives such as training, proofs of concept, research, or knowledge sharing.

Nuno Guerra emphasized the company's dedication to a culture of innovation, excellence, openness, and mutual support. Employees benefit from access to training platforms, including soft-skills and leadership, Udemy courses, and ongoing support from an external coach. Additionally, they have the freedom to choose their work location.

Looking ahead, Create IT aims to consolidate growth in service areas, fostering relationships with existing and new clients. Nuno Guerra concluded, "Create IT intends to consolidate growth in the service areas, both with existing clients and new companies focusing on building relationships with a partner of excellence for their technological transformation and modernization."