Create IT launches Cloudcockpit in the Brazilian market

October 19, 2020
CloudCockpit propels CSPs, achieving triple-digit growth in Microsoft billing. Having won clients in Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden, it's set to venture into the Brazilian market.

Create IT, a Portuguese company focused on the development of critical multiplatform and business support systems, has just launched its CloudCockpit solution in the Brazilian market. A SaaS (Software as a Service) product that simplifies the management and monitoring of Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) business, with 100% Portuguese technology. The goal is to help customers grow their Microsoft billing by 3 digits. By the end of 2021, the national technology company wants to strengthen its presence in the European and American markets, aiming for global growth of 20% in turnover.

CloudCockpit already serves customers in 23 geographies, and there are more than a thousand companies that sell Microsoft Cloud solutions in CSP model that use the product on a regular basis”, explains Nuno Guerra, CEO of Create IT.

The presence of CloudCockpit is mainly in the European market, in countries like Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal and Sweden, entering now the Brazilian market. To this end, it was created a version of the product in Brazilian Portuguese, which joined the existing ones in Portuguese and English. Soon, versions in German and French are also planned.

Given the constant feedback we receive from our customers, it was easy to see that one of the most advantageous and differentiating features of the product is its self-service capabilities, which greatly reduces the amount of time needed to manage the license provisioning and cost control. Thus, they can focus on business growth activities and not only on maintaining it”, reveals the CEO.

The self-service capabilities of CloudCockpit also allow end-customers to view their spending history and financial information (reconciliation) independently, as well as access reports and analytics about their own business, helping in decision making and knowing exactly the total costs for each subscription purchased.

CloudCockpit allows partners to download all reconciliation for a given billing month directly from the portal (or integrate via APIs). It automatically generates reconciliation for customers and their subscriptions, applying profit margins, discounts, special prices or other options defined by the CSP, allowing to obtain information regarding reconciliation, as well as other billing details in a single document, quick, simple and effective.

When Microsoft started the CSP business, we were hired to support a set of distributors and other partners to streamline the integration of their systems with the APIs that Microsoft had launched to support this business. Following the identification of a set of common needs by the partners, we decided to develop a SaaS product that would allow the partners to remain focused on business development, freeing themselves from worries in managing integrations with Microsoft, as well as simplifying managing the operation of their relationship with the network of resellers and/or customers", concludes Nuno Guerra.