Create IT has been recognized as one of the happiest companies in Portugal

We had no doubts, and now it's official! Create IT has been recognized as one of the happiest companies in Portugal. With immense pride, our Head of People and Culture, Eva Baptista, received the award at the Happiness Works ceremony.


A big thank you to everyone who contributes in making Create a fantastic place to work. This recognition is yours, and your well-being is and will always be our priority!

Create IT, has been acknowledged for its commitment to team happiness, entering the Top 20 Happiness Works list by Exame magazine for the first time. 

“For us, entering the TOP 20 of workplace happiness is a tremendous honor and confirms that we are on the right path. Our focus on people and culture has always been a priority. We closely monitor their well-being, whether working in the office or remotely. We encourage work-life balance with freedom, responsibility, and empowerment. This recognition reinforces what we see every day: their satisfaction in being part of the team,” says Nuno Miguel Guerra, CEO of Create IT.

Create IT invests in long-term relationships, fostering growth, valuing and recognizing individuals, and ensuring an excellent experience throughout their journey with the company. Its core values - openness, motivation, integrity, trust, creativity, and transparency - define who they are and the work they do.

“We also have strong and clear values in the way we approach technological projects: Innovation, Dedication, Excellence, and Agility. Rather than dwelling on the past, Create seeks continuous improvement and a passion for doing things well,” notes Eva Baptista, Head of People and Culture.

happinessworks award 2022

Even before the pandemic, Create IT was a company that embraced remote work, and it escalated to 100%, now predominantly following a hybrid model.

“The most important thing is the motivation and well-being of each individual. If a person is in a cultural context they identify with, where they feel they can advance in their career and personal development is a reality, they will feel good and comfortable. Our culture encourages people to be themselves, to be different, and to have space for innovation,” emphasizes Nuno Miguel Guerra.

This is why the national tech company has a dedicated People and Culture department, encompassing areas from onboarding to recruitment, training, learning & development, career management, and 360° evaluation, among others.

“There are many ongoing initiatives, such as mentorship, dialogue and sharing moments, recognition actions, participation in social causes, training, certifications, internal mobility, leadership programs, and coaching.” reveals Eva Baptista.

Additional benefits include compensation for remote work, health insurance, partnerships with various organizations, flexible hours, Wallace plan (10 days per year for personal interest courses, studies, or certifications), 4Fun (a team dedicated in creating special and fun moments like dinners, outings, happy hours), and an annual 3-day gathering, this year in Palma de Mallorca.