VICTORIA Seguros Chooses Diggspace for Innovative Employee Portal

December 14, 2020
Diggspace, our dynamic digital workplace platform, has been selected by VICTORIA Seguros to power its new Employee Portal, marking a substantial advancement in autonomy and interaction.

Challenges and Solutions

Facing limitations with their existing Intranet, VICTORIA Seguros, a company of the SMA Group, founded in 1859 and considered one of the most solid Insurance groups in Europe, outlined their key objectives: upgrade outdated technology, gain autonomy in content management, and enhance communication. Enter Diggspace, the SaaS platform that swiftly addressed these challenges.

Implementation Highlights

The Employee Portal, a virtual space crafted with Diggspace, offers cross-purpose content and boosts interactivity. Alberto Bento, Director of Human Resources at VICTORIA Seguros, praised the seamless migration of information, improved accessibility, and a significant upgrade in integration.

Key Features and Immediate Impact

It is accessed daily by 100% of employees, introduces personalized welcome messages, email notifications, quick access search, and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams. Despite its recent launch, it has already shown efficiency gains, reducing email traffic and becoming the go-to hub for VICTORIA's workforce.

Alberto Bento expressed satisfaction with Diggspace's speed of implementation, alignment with needs, and user-friendly interface. Looking ahead, he emphasized the ongoing evolution of the portal based on user feedback and planned phases for further streamlining internal communication.

VICTORIA Seguros' adoption of Diggspace showcases a successful collaboration, transforming internal communication and employee engagement. The Employee Portal stands as a testament to the power of innovative solutions in shaping modern workplaces.

Victoria Seguros Case Study

Discover how Diggspace implemented this new Employee Portal - a huge leap forward in terms of autonomy, interaction and navigability.